Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Byrds-"Mr. Tambourine Man"

The Byrds SECOND time on TV, EVER!

The band made their televison debut just three days before this broadcast, 5/8/65 on "Shivaree".

This is a very interesting video for many reasons.

First, Gene Clark is on a Fender Xll 12 string guitar (As opposed to Tambourine), Gene & David's vocal mics are not in the mix until the second chorus.

AND; the coolest anecdote of all:

If you listen carefully, you can hear Gene Clark's barritone vocal part in the second chorus during "In the jingle jangle morning I'll come following you".

This part was NOT on the record; reason being is that Gene's vocals were on the same track as Leon Russell's electric piano, which was taken out of the mix.

The vocals here are LIVE, while the music is the recorded backing track.

Another noteworthy point; Roger McGuinn isn't even pretending to "Sinc" his guitar part correctly, by playing his famous "Scruggsy picking style", but rather strumming in earnest. :-)

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