Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tony Joe White - Even Trolls Love Rock And Roll - Austin, TX 1980

Even Trolls Love Rock & Roll Lyrics

Tony Joe White

Now one time I had this little ol' band back home
A rock and roll band
And we was going to play this job one night
And it weren't too far away so we was walking
But we came upon a long dark stretch of woods
Had an old river running through it
And an old wooden bridge across the river
Well just as I was about to step upon the bridge
Out stepped the troll
A whole mighty troll

And he said: Hey looks like you all are going to play somewhere
And I said: Yes sir
Cause you always wanna say yes sir to a troll
He said: I hate to mess up your boys job
But I sure could dig hearing ya'all play a little bit
I said: Man we can't just plug up
And play it right here upon the bridge
He said: Why?
And I go: Cause ...
But the troll said: Play!
That's what we did ...

Well the wind was howling at the night
And the moon was covered up with clouds
I was walking cross a bridge on a dirt road
When I heard a troll growl
He said don't you go walking cross my bridge
I am gonna make it tough on you
I am gonna give you swamp fever
You'll be wondering if you're you
Yeah you know you got to pay the toll
Cause even trolls love rock and roll

Uh it will keep you up all night
Drinking and carrying on
Getting it to the swamp music
Get it on - Get it on
Yeah you know you got to pay my toll
Cause even trolls love rock and roll

But the troll said: Hey!
He said you boys just ain't getting it
He said would you mind if I borrowed that old guitar?
And showed you all a lick
Since we never heard a troll play we let him have it
And he goes like this ...

I said: Damn troll!
Yeah you know you got to pay the toll
Cause even trolls love rock and roll

Would you mind if I had my guitar back?
And the troll said: Why?

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