Tuesday, December 13, 2011

John Hiatt - Adios To California

"Adios To California" Lyrics

Smokey room and a thin blue light
Her arms were pale as white
Trying to outlast the night
Howlin' at the moon

Living in the canyon then
Hangdown Hanna and Whiskey Jim
Dirty jeans and mudslide hymns
That all began with soon

So Adios to California
Nothing to do but turn around
Always thought there's someone comin' for ya
Only way you'd leave this town

Pasadena in the rain
Eatin' donuts and readin' Twain
How much longer can my brain
Set itself on fire?

You said "That's it for me"
Have a little faith, it might set you free
But your faith is no good, you see
For me and my desire

Two cigarettes from the package gone
You must have thought about it just that long
I never knew you were so strong
I guess I never will

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