Saturday, January 14, 2012

Concrete Blonde - Caroline

Concrete Blonde is an alternative rock band dating from the early 1980s to the early 1990s (and re-formed again in the 2000s). They are best known for the poignant songwriting and vocals of Johnette Napolitano.

Singer / songwriter / bassist Napolitano formed the band Dream 6 with guitarist James Mankey in Los Angeles in 1982, releasing an eponymous EP in France on the Happy Hermit label in 1983. When they signed with IRS in 1986, labelmate Michael Stipe suggested the name Concrete Blonde, describing the contrast between their hard rock music and introspective lyrics. They were joined by drummer Harry Rushakoff on their eponymous debut album. Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson replaced Rushakoff on Bloodletting and several tracks on Mexican Moon, while Rushakoff was in treatment for drug addiction. Rushakoff was kicked out of the band in 2002 for failing to show up for several rehearsals and shows. He was replaced by Gabriel Ramirez.

Their most popular album was 1990's Bloodletting. The band broke up in 1995, but reunited in 2001, releasing Group Therapy in 2002 and Mojave in 2004.

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