Friday, May 3, 2019

Laid Back - Bakerman Original Video

Few groups can match the continuity in career Laid Back can boast about, now more than 30 years after their debut… always at the service of the Groove as aptly exemplified by one of the all-time most sampled tracks, namely “White Horse”. It is also one of the first bands to build an own studio as their operational base, rapidly progressing from a humble 4-track to 8-track, then 24-track and now using the latest Pro-Tools digital recording system. 
 Their ascent to charts all over the globe started in earnest with “Sunshine Reggae”, a quintessential Summer hit to this day and putting a brand of electronic-based Scandinavian Reggae on the map to later be imitated by the likes of Ace Of Base, among others. At the time, no one would have guessed that Laid Back are based downtown Copenhagen while “White Horse” went on an extended ride on the Black and Dance charts in the USA! Another notable single hit was “Bakerman”, propelled by Lars von Trier’s imaginative video clip with a whole band filmed in free fall. Fast-forwarding to the present,
 Laid Back have now an own record company, Brother Music! The first release is a controversial Dance-oriented track recorded at the same session that yielded “White Horse”, but censored by their record company at the time… This track has been resurrected A.D. 2010, in being the forerunner of more new material and features a graphic animation video clip eminently produced by Laid Back themselves – on an artistic level, easily the most interesting clip of the year. Thus, the single and 12” vinyl “Cocaine Cool” released and available as digital download via their own Brother Music label, and constituting a sort of implicit tribute to artists, producers and DJs that have appreciated (and sampled!) a groove such as “White Horse”. In all ways, Laid Back live up to their name. They are rarely out of their studio unless for live appearances now and then. Much of the promotional emphasis has thus been focused on creative videos and later on also their own cover design as well as live visuals. 
 Laid Back is more than music, words and visuals... it's a way of thinking, a way of living.

 General Manager Manager - Kristian Nyholm. Reach him at

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