Sunday, August 28, 2011

Willy DeVille - Miracle

Miracle is an album by Willy DeVille. Recorded in 1987, it was the first album that Willy DeVille recorded under his own name. Prior to Miracle, DeVille recorded six albums with the band Mink DeVille, the last four of which were really solo albums by Willy DeVille in that no members of the original band played on the four albums.
Miracle was recorded in London and produced by Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler, who also co-wrote the song “Spanish Jack” with DeVille. Dire Straits keyboardist Guy Fletcher, like Knopfler, played on all songs. Two highly regarded session musicians, guitarist Chet Atkins and drummer Jeff Porcaro, also played on the album.

Miracle Lyrics

Willy DeVille

Please help me up

You let me down

If there's a way

Please show me how

I can't go on, without your love

So lift me up

Give me your hand

Look way down deep

You'll understand

If you walk away

Away from me

Then I'm gonna need a Miracle now

Yes and I'm gonna need a Miracle now

Give back to me

What I lost to you

It's so hard to live

When you just lose

They say life goes on

Yes on and on

Yes if I could, just forget

Put back the pieces

Like they once fit

It might look right

But there's a piece thats gone

And I need a Miracle now

Yes and I'm gonna need a Miracle now

Every night I hope and pray

That you'll be mine

Again some day

Only you, can stop this pain

If there's a way to live again

So say a prayer, a prayer for me

and I, need a Miracle now

Yes and I'm gonna need a Miracle now

Yeah heayheayeee...yeahhh

I need a Miracle now

yeah I need a Miracle now


I need a Miracle

Right here right now

And if I got on my knees

Would you give this Miracle to me

Just to walk, just to talk

just to, Pleaseeee

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